Hints & Tips for Selling Your Home

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Letting you into a few of our trade secrets

When we take on a new instruction to sell a house, we are on hand to help with advice and practical hints/tips for our clients to help them prepare their property for sale, in order to help them get the best price possible.

Here’s just a few pointers that you should consider if putting your home on the market.

Hints and Tips to Selling Your Home

You Should

  • Do your research – Don’t just go with the estate agent who gives you the highest valuation for your property, it’s one thing to say a figure and in our experience it’s another thing getting it.
  • Seek a good fit – We believe ‘people buy from people’ so meet the team, find out more about what your estate agent is all about and what value they will add to the process of selling your property.
  • Consider what is money well spent – Have a think about what is required to get the best sale price for your property, sometimes it’s not always things like expensive home improvements, quite often a buyer will have their own ideas about what they want to do with your property if they buy it.
  • Make a good 1st impression – It’s an old saying but it’s true, put a little effort into the garden, the entrance to your home and put yourself in the shoes of the people viewing your property.
  • De-clutter – Buyers need to see past your possessions and be able to imagine how their furnishings will fit into the property, so make it easier for them but having a good clear out. This also has the added benefit of not having to cart useless items of furniture etc. to your new home.
Hints and Tips to Selling Your Home

You Shouldn’t

  • Forget to highlight key features of your property – Make sure you make a note of things of importance that would interest a potential buyer, this could be things that you’ve invested in for your house such as landscaping and drainage in the garden or things like new boiler or house alarm.
  • Forget to finish all outstanding DIY jobs – Most of us live in houses with a couple of diy ‘projects’ that are not quite completed, so don’t put it off any longer, finish all those small jobs that might put a prospective buyer off.
  • Cause a bit of a stink – Some people might love the smell of your favourite flower, then again, some people may have hay fever, so in the run up to a viewing try and take a neutral approach and avoid any strong odours in the house.
  • Forget to show the true potential of your property – You may think you are doing the right thing cramming all your junk into one room, but in reality, you are potentially not presenting your house in its best light. Make it easy for people who are viewing your house to get a good, unobstructed view of all your rooms, so they can visualise how your property can become their home.

Why not get in touch with us if you’re thinking about selling your property and we can share some more of our ‘trade secrets’, simply call us on 01236 222777 or email office@abodeestateagency.co.uk