Our recommended mortgage advisors aim to provide a second to none service to all our clients. Buying your home should be an exciting experience but it can also be very frustrating. Our partners are here to eliminate the stress and make the process as smooth as possible. With over 50 lenders on our mortgage panel they are confident at finding the perfect solution for our clients. They are equipped to advise all our clients on their mortgage protection and insurance needs.

Q. Why use a mortgage advisor and not my bank?

A. Mortgage advisors are not aligned to just give one banks details. Therefore, they can find the best loan that suits your circumstance from every bank and lender. Chances are it is not your own bank that has the best deal. Mortgage advisers work for you, not the lender or bank.


Q. Why do I need a mortgage adviser?

A. All mortgage advisors have a responsibility for your duty of care and will assess your situation and financial creditworthiness. They will then recommend a suitable lender and it’s that professional look at your finances that makes them invaluable to you. Mortgage advisors deal with lenders daily and understand the application process. They will complete it on your behalf with minimal delay.


Q. Is a mortgage adviser qualified?

A. Mortgage advisors must be qualified to offer you mortgage advice. Independent mortgage advisors will look for the best deal for you. Remember they are not on the lender or banks side - they are on yours. They will give you access to far more products than if you went directly to one lender or bank. Their advice is unbiased so won’t be restricted to a single product.


Mortgage advisors know the industry. The mortgage criteria has tightened up over the last few years and having them fill in your application is worth it alone.

It’s not just about the mortgage, a mortgage advisor will also help to advise you on life insurance, building and contents insurance as well as critical illness insurance to ensure if the worst happens you are covered.

Mortgages are a lot more difficult than they first appear. Choosing a mortgage is a process, it’s not just about opting for the lowest rate for insurance.